PRE-ORDER SALE: 20% OFF & FREE SHIPPING.  JUKESTIR's unpredictable motion will improve your coordination and strengthen your brain.  Everything you need to hang is included.  No assembly required.


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    Why You'll Love JUKESTIR

    Your brain loves unpredictability, that's why people smile when they hit JUKESTIR, and you will too.  In addition, people like to win and JUKESTIR will help you win because as your brain speeds up the game appears to slow down.  You're going to love it!

    What is JUKESTIR?

    JUKESTIR is powerful fitness tool that strengthens your brain and builds coordination through unpredictable movement.  It was designed by Police, Military, Martial Arts, Fitness, Physical Therapy, and Education experts.  JUKESTIR is the product of thousands of hours of research, testing, and development. It was awarded US Patent 8,273,000 (other patents are pending).

    What's Included:

    • Jukestir 

    • Top tether

    • Botom tether

    • 2 Quick links

    • Eye screw

    Key Features:

    • Unpredictable motion 

    • Fun to use

    • Easy to hang

    • Easy to store

    • Maintenace free

    JUKESTIR Will Help You:

    • Enhance your workout

    • Lose weight

    • See, think, and react faster

    • Build total body coordination

    • Improve self-defense skills