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What is OODA Loop?

OODA Loop stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. It represents our decision cycle and is extremely important in sports, combat, and business.


OODA Loop theory was created by Air Force pilot John Boyd. He was studying aerial engagements during the Korean War when he found out something interesting. The MiG-15 (Russian Fighter Plane) was faster and more maneuverable than the F-86 Sabre (American plane); however, the American plane(s) won confrontations 5:1. How could this be? He identified two major advantages of the American planes: larger cockpit windows and hydraulic controls. This allowed American pilots to have their minds and their thinking "in the battle space" outside of the plane, while the focus of the Russian pilots was inside the plane.

Decisions Determine Victory

As athletes, sometimes we focus on strength and muscular speed. That's important but it's not the most important thing. Otherwise, the strongest Olympic weightlifter would be the best at every sport. Instead, it's the decisions we make. Should you shoot or pass? Who do you pass too? How do you pass it to them? OODA Loop says that the quality, speed, and accuracy of these decisions have more to do with the outcome than any other factor.

See The Future

As you make faster decisions your opponent reacts to your decisions. However, you've already moved on to the next set of input. Therefore, you're acting in the future and your opponent is stuck in the past. This is called getting inside the loop.

Build OODA Speed

The best way to build OODA speed is with unpredictable target motion, like that found in Jukestir. Unpredictable target motion requires many fast-paced decisions in an unpredictable environment. Over time your brain will get faster at coordinating your nervous system and you will see, think, and react faster.

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