Once upon a friend and I both played soccer and fought MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).  In soccer, I was in better shape; but in the ring, my friend had more endurance.  How could this be?  I did some research and found a concept Bruce Lee calls neurophysiological adjustment, which means your brain controls your muscles.  If your brain does a better job at orchestrating your muscles then it will increase your speed, power, and endurance.  I thought this is great, but how do you train the brain? It turns out that the secret is unpredictability.  Speed bags and double-ended bags are good, but they’re rhythmic. What I needed was something truly random.  


So, I created the coordination bag.  It had a special weighting system that would make the bag move randomly.  I brought in experts from MMA, Boxing, Police, and Military and we worked thousands of hours to tune it so that it would move with the unpredictability of a real person.  The result was a product that trains you to move at the speed of thought. 


Now all we needed was a catchy name.  “Juke” means to dance or to move out of the way suddenly. “Stir” means to combine two things or to start movement.  So, Jukestir was born.

Get ready because the Jukestir origin story is actually your story.  With Jukestir you will think faster, act quicker, and gain the edge over your competition. I believe Jukestir is the beginning of something special for you.  My hope is that Jukestir will help propel you into new levels of fitness and higher achievement in all areas of your life.